Singing Mermaid

Our Singing Mermaid loves to swim the oceans, but her favourite place is on land, twirling on her legs in her beautiful sparkling green dress.

While on land she enjoys sharing her stories from under the sea and speaking about the importance of protecting the oceans from pollution.

Did You Know?

Mermaids have always been shrouded in mystery, but many people claim to have seen them. Mermaid sightings go way back, and even Christopher Columbus wrote about seeing them on his voyage.


A mermaid is defined as an aquatic creature that has the upper body of a human and the tail of a fish, instead of legs. In legends, mermaids are described as beautiful women, known for their enchanting song.


Here at Singing Princess Company we believe in magic and we have a real life mermaid who has found her land legs, using them to explore and visit the human world, making dreams come true.

One For The Kids

What do mermaids use to brush their hair?

a) Spoon           b) Knife          c) Fork

The Answer is.....

c) Fork 

Otherwise known under the sea as a 'dinglehopper'

Corinne and baby .jpg
Corinne and baby .jpg

Invite a real life mermaid to your party or event! 

Singing Princess Company Performer Sample
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Our Singing Mermaid really does sing!!

When you book this character you can be assured you will get the most beautiful vocals, performing live renditions of your favourite songs, along with creating many more magical moments to be enjoyed by all.

- One Of Our Top 5 Most Booked Characters!

- Family Favourite

- Enchanting Vocals

- Glittering Gown 

*Please note that the performers shown on our website may not be the performers that attend your event*